We make 2D animations and infographics for Corporate and Commercial clients around the globe. Specialising in animated infographics, we work with brands, agencies and organisations in a multilingual environment. 

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አዲስ ገጽ / New Page provides a reliable solution for companies looking to communicate with their audience through thoughtful video production and effective storytelling. We love stories… in all their different shapes and sizes. The big ones, the little ones and those hidden ones that can only be found if you use your imagination. With tonnes of collective experience in animation and motion graphics, we help brands, agencies and production companies tell the stories the world needs to hear.
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planning and Storyboarding

Every successful animation will need a good amount of thinking. Working on a script, breaking it down into scenes, and coming up with ideas for each animated character or object is key. Things like fonts, colour schemes, overall look and feel and style of the animation, making sure it remains consistent

creative Animators

We have a roster of animators and graphic designers each with their own style and speciality, it is our job to find the perfect match for your story and project. We add music, voice over and titles / motion graphics - and we send regular updates on progress of the animation, with timecoded versions for you to review online.

local language Versions

We can easily re-version the main version into additional languages. You may like to share your animation in other countries and we can help you translate and subtitle each version. We work in unison with translators and can get you to revise those too before we create the multilingual versions.

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our info graphic videos are educational that helps people of all ages

Enhancing quality presentations

Thanks to animated tutorials, the role of teachers would now be more value-added.

learning for all ages

With animated e-learning modules, learners of various age groups can benefit from intuitive studies.

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